About Us

Welcome to The New Rising Sun Online Newspaper!

This Newspaper was established in October 21st, 2008 by a group of Individuals in the Diaspora. These Individuals had a vision greater than the paper itself. The paper was established in response to the growing needs and demands for Information Sharing, which has become a very important Public Relations phenomenon in this 21st century. We do not claim to have the best Journalists but our Journalists/Reporters are amongst the best in the field of Journalism.

Our Editor-In-Chief is dynamic and our Senior and Junior Editors are superb; thus constituting a team that is determined to work tirelessly in pursuit of its goals and aspirations. We pride ourselves on accuracy; objectivity; patriotism; promptness; and fairness in our reporting. Our team embodies credibility and we will embark on “Responsible Reporting” as the bedrock of our mission.

We will take criticism from the public and will respond intelligently and responsibly to such criticism in a manner that allows learning to take place. We will learn as we work to inculcate perfection within our ever-exploding profession; journalism. We therefore welcome everyone, especially those who would like to be part of this great journalistic endeavor.

Your suggestions would be appreciated and your contribution would be sought with all the respect that we could possibly muster.

We thank you very much for visiting The New Rising Sun Online Newspaper and we hope to see more and more of you again and again!