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Sierra Leone is a place of what you see you don’t hear it and what you hear you don’t see it

Dr. Augustine A. Kamara—

It is a month already since I have been on the ground and it would seem I am going to stay longer this time. Though I wished not to have used the keyboard it is tantalizing to speak to the Diaspora each day I have spent here in Sierra Leone. I think the Diaspora should come and should come now and take meaningful positions on the ground.

The ground is waiting for us. However in my observations I must be frank in saying that there are baseless fears for Diasporas not to come home thinking of basic amenities that are not enough like sufficient water or electricity, true these basic amenities compared to the Diaspora ways of life could be insufficient but still one can still find them.

After some time of adaptation one could sense a less stressful life and respect that only here in sweet home, that respect is found. On the home front there is a disconnection of viewing a Diaspora as being intelligent and better opportune education wise to compete with our folks here for jobs.

As a precaution less cooperation would erroneously be given to support Diaspora. Instead Diaspora could be seen as a source for exploitation other than a source of investment or win, win situation.

Until a common ground of trust is achieved between someone who just arrived from the abroad, AKA a “Jus Cam or JC” and the home based fears from two sides will slow down development. The ‘JC’ must be wise in interacting with the home based compatriot and work out solution of development.

Talking about development we are a developing nation and the only way to describe it is for us Diasporas to come and see for ourselves to fully appreciate what is going on the ground.

We really need to be here in Sierra Leone to help in the nifty gritty of things but so far there is something already to appreciate. Our rich culture needs to be promoted more and more.

The government is doing what it can do and the wary looks of fears of yesterdays are gone. The population is friendly and gentle. By promoting the culture of Sierra Leone, this will bring more awareness of love and unity for the nation and add to the value of our prosperous nation.

So far the holiday season is still going on until first week of May. Until then God bless the youthful population which has done well in promoting happiness in the country. In a recent show of happiness and solidarity the popular number one artist “Famous” launched his latest album and believe you me, the outgoing Deputy Ambassador of the United States to Sierra Leone, the greatest employer of Sierra Leoneans Morseray Fadika, King M.B. Attila, Africell, the Deputy Youth Minister, Alhaji Moijueh KaiKai, Minister of Gender and Social Welfare, and other promoters were there to see the handsome Famous entertaining Sierra Leoneans to ecstasy and acrobatic jingoism.

The album’s launching reached its climax when Morseray Fadika donated on behalf of President Koroma and African Minerals the sum of Le 150 million cash to Famous. The donation was meant to encourage the youths in their pursuit of the musical world and to caution them to be peaceful citizens and to unite with other artists. As I am here in Sierra Leone, stay tuned for more news on its way after the Independence Celebrations.  The WILLMAN…