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Mohamed Kamarainba Supporters Storms APC Headquarters Office in Freetown

By Poindexter Sama—

APC Supporters of Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray yesterday stormed the headquarters of the ruling All People’s Congress party following the refusal of the party to grant their leader membership. 

The supporters were aggrieved that their Leader was not given membership card after paying all his dues last week Tuesday.

A group of APC supporters gathered at the Party’s office, chanting that the party has been very unfair to their leader to the extent of refusing him his membership right, after his service to the party for the past 17 years. 

Giving a brief account of what transpired, Kamarainba said that as mandated by the Constitution of the party, they are to pay their yearly contribution, which he went to make last week Tuesday. 

He said that having paid a total of one million, one hundred thousand Leones (Le 1, 100,000) for his level as member, he was issued a receipt of payment by the secretariat, and told that he will be issued his membership ID card later, as the party’s Secretary- General needs to sign on the card. 

Surprisingly though, he said, without issuing the ID card to him, he was later ordered by officials at the secretariat to return his receipt of payment, which he claimed was in a bid to withhold the receipt, so that he would have no evidence of payment as a member of the party. 

He challenged that such efforts are geared towards plotting a trick to thwart his already proclaimed ambition of leading the party as, he believes, he has all it takes to lead the party. 

As a result, while venting out their anger, his supporters; very displeased with the treatment meted out on their leader, are calling on him to form his own party, as, they say, “we believe that trust in Mohamed K Mansaray. We believe he will provide good leadership for this country”. 

However, Mohamed K Mansaray has said that a decision to form his party has not yet been made, despite the embarrassment he is going through in his leadership fight for the APC.


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